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What is 'e-form' (visa application)?

  • An applicant can fill out an electronic visa application form online and submit it to the Visa Portal before he/she visits a Korean diplomatic mission in his/her country of residence.
  • In order to complete the application process, you must print the e-form (with a bar code) that you filled out on the Visa Portal (with other required documents) and visit the Korean embassy or consulate general in your country of residence.

Applicable Status of Stay for e-Form

  • Single-entry or multiple-entry visas for eligible applicants of A-1 Diplomat(A-1), Foreign Government Official(A-2) and International Agreement(A-3) status of stay.
  • 90 days or less single-entry visas for eligible applicants of C-1 Short-term News Coverage (C-1), Short-Term General (C-3), and Short-Term Employee (C-4) status of stay
  • 90 days or less multiple-entry visas for eligible applicants of Short-Term News Coverage (C-1) and Short-Term General (C-3) status of stay, only if the applicants are citizens of countries that have signed multiple-entry visa agreements with Korea
  • Visas issued at the discretion of the head of a Korean diplomatic mission abroad, such as 90 days or less single-entry visa for eligible applicants of Korean Arts and Culture (D-1) status of stay who are planning to engage in cultural arts activities upon invitation of the Korea Foundation or from Korean Culture and Arts Committee.

Application Procedure

  1. Send e-form
  2. Submission of Application at the Diplomatic Office & Payment
  3. Reception & Review
  4. Visa Issuance

Required Documents for Your e-Form

Scanned image files of passport pages, digital photograph (in natural color, size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm)

Required Document Before Visiting the Diplomatic Mission

Visa application form with a bar code, passport, photograph(natural color, 3.5cm x 4.5cm), visa fee and required documents